Pendulums -- For people who like to stare at shiny objects

Please note: I have decided to remove this app from the App Store.
Pendulums is an amazing interactive physics simulation of the classic Double Pendulums system, where one pendulum is attached to the end of another.  The screenshots don't do it justice.  I'm working on adding a video of it soon, showing how fluid the animations are.
It is mesmerizing to watch the beautiful patterns that occur naturally, and you can control the fire, tail length, material, and simulation speed.  It also responds to gravity, but currently only along the vertical axis.  (I'm working on it).  Try making the pendulum swing rapidly, and then place the device on a flat surface; you'll be amazed at the unexpected results!

For fellow nerds that are interested in its implementation details, I use the Runge-Kutta method for solving the differential equations for each simulation step.  I then render in OpenGL, but I implemented a clever technique to rapidly render the tail as a solid object, complete with specular highlights, shadows, and light diffusion.  It isn't perfect yet, but I'm still tweaking it to make it look even smoother.

Future version will allow you to control each mass's weight, and each arm's length.  I also plan on adding different particle systems emitters, such as smoke, and different materials for the dynamic tail.  If you have any improvement suggestions, please let me know!